Helping students achieve English Excellence and Maths Mastery

From KS3 to GCSE

JPW tutors provide live, engaging online classes and individual 1-2-1 feedback to help students realise their true potential and achieve amazing exam grades.

About the JPW Method:

With a combination of…

- Highly interactive classes between the tutor and students

- 1-2-1 video feedback on work

- Our purpose-build learning portals

We were able to help over 400 students achieve their dream grades, last year alone.

We find the perfect balance of giving your child a space to share and discuss ideas in a team, while giving them all the 1-2-1 support they need through our unique method of marking work via video. Our learning portals supplement this with access to extra recorded content, model answers and even lessons from the examiners themselves.

About Jacob Williams:

After graduating from Oxford and teaching in a private school, Jacob Williams designed the JPW method and now oversees the entire programme as head instructor.

Alone, he has helped hundreds of students become the best version of themselves and achieve grades that set them up for sixth form, university and the rest of their careers.

After carefully studying the way students are taught in school, Jacob identified certain issues (such as the vagueness of most teacher’s feedback on their student’s work, or even a lack of personal feedback altogether) and has worked to design programmes that target these areas and make sure nothing is left to chance for every student when sitting their exams.

What do we offer?

KS3 English Excellence Programme

(For Year 8s and 9s looking to prepare for GCSE English so they can hit the ground running and be working at top grades from day 1)

GCSE English Excellence Programme

(For year 10s and 11s capable of achieving grade 8s and 9s, who need support and guidance to help them guarantee the best grade possible and aim for a grade 9)

GCSE Maths Mastery Programme

(For year 10s and 11s taking Higher-level Maths, who want to master their problem-solving so they can reach a grade 9)

Hear from our past and current students…